Visit Naantali Information on Covid-19

Visit Naantali's Covid-19 information page

(updated 16th June 2020)

The overall situation in Naantali is under control. It is allowed to travel again within Finland and you are allowed to come to Naantali.

Follow the safety guidelines set by the Finnish Government, and take care of the hygiene.
- Do not travel if you feel sick
- Wash your hands regurlarly, or use the sanitizer
- Keep a safe distance to other people wherever you go
- Remember to cough and sneeze correctly, to a paper tissue or your upper sleeve

In case you have symptoms of coughing or difficulties in breathing, please call first to Naantali health care centre, phone +358 2 436 2760.
Nation wide emergency number is 112. Call the emergency number only in acute emergency situations. In an emergency situation, you will be treated even if you are not having a residence in Finland.

In Naantali, almost all the sights, restaurants and cafés are open normally and they take limited number of customers inside, in terrace areas outside there are no limitations for customer seats.

Visit Naantali tourist information centre is open between Monday-Friday 09.00am-04.30pm. From 19th of June we are open every day until the end of August; weekdays 09.00am-06.00pm,
weekends 10.00am-04.00pm. You can also reach us on +358 2 435 9800 or by email 

Visit Naantali still asks everyone to act responsibly in this unusual situation and follow all the recommended guidelines.

Town of Naantali informs about the development of the situation locally, concerning the municipal services here. (only in Finnish)

Finnish Institute for health and welfare informs about the Covid-19 situation in Finland here.

We really want to support local businesses in this uncertain situation, here is a list of tourism related companies that are open at the moment (16th June, will be updated).

Check the latest information on each places' web page.

Sights and attractions

Naantali old town and Guest harbour
Naantali Museum
Convent church
Naantali art house
Kuparivuori hill and Rakkaudenpolku (path behind Kuparivuori) - best views of Naantali


Naantalin Kaivohuone
Trapin Piha
Restaurant Trappi
After Sail 714


Café Amandis
Café Santala
Eriskummallinen kahvila
Café Akseli
Naantalin Aurinkoinen Café

Archipelago side of Naantali

Merimasku's Restaurant Rantamakasiini
Restaurant Naapuri Merimasku
Pohjakulma Rymättylä
Café Tuulisolmu Rymättylä
Restaurant Röölänranta Rymättylä, Röölä
Old Smuggler restaurant Velkua
Rantaklubi Velkua