Näkymä veneestä saaristosillalle Naantalissa

The treasures of the archipelago

The treasures of the archipelago


Embark on the Small Archipelago Trail from Naantali

Set off on the Small Archipelago Trail towards Rymättylä. Enjoy a tasty archipelago-style lunch at Restaurant Pohjakulma in the village of Poikko. Remember to visit Restaurant Otava and the Tuulisolmu bakery and café while in Rymättylä centre - and don't forget to admire the wall paintings at Rymättylä Church

Continue on to the Röölä summer store and Restaurant Röölänranta and visit the Herring Tradition Centre Dikseli. Drive to Hanka, where there is a connection to Nauvo via the Seili island on M/S Östern. The small archipelago trail continues on through Parainen to Turku and back to Naantali.

You can also journey from Naantali to Rymättylä along the Saint Jacob's route (Pyhän Jaakobin reitti).

From Naantali to Velkua and Teersalo

If you head towards Merimasku from Naantali, visit the Taattinen Farm for coffee or stop at the Restaurant Rantamakasiini for lunch. Continue towards Velkua; in Livonsaari, you can stop at the village shop or in Teersalo at the Wanha Salakuljettaja restaurant. Take the ferry from Teersalo shore to Palva island, home to the attractive wooden church in Velkua (open by prior arrangement for groups) and a memorial commemorating the naval battle of Palva. The ferry will take you on to the island of Velkuanmaa to the Archipelago Hotel Vaihela.

The Salavainen island in Velkua is home to the historic Haukka Farm, which contains old fishing, farming and cattleherding equipment (open to small groups by prior arrangement).

You can take a commuter vessel from Teersalo (no cars, check timetables) towards Hakkenpää in Taivassalo, and then continue on towards Kustavi and the Archipelago Trail.

From Naantali to Askainen in Masku

Or drive from Merimasku to Askainen and pop in to the Louhisaari Manor for a guided tour. Enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or lunch at the Louhisaari Manor café.

More information and brochure on the Archipelago Trail you will get e.g. from Naantali Tourist Information.

Please visit these websites and check timetables before your trip.