Parking in Naantali

Parking in Naantali

Especially in summer Naantali is alive with visitors, meaning the streets will be filled with thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists as well as motorists searching for parking spaces. Moomin World has organised its own parking area, with a bus service running to the gates of Moomin World and back. It is hoped that as many visitors to Moomin World as possible will make use of this service. 

Further information about Moomin Car Park

If you are not visiting the Moomins, there are still numerous options for parking. The most important daytime parking areas are marked on the map.

Some facts about parking in Naantali:

Naantali's old town is a mixed-use zone with no public parking.

Times when parking fees apply are shown on additional signs. If no parking fee times are displayed, then fees are in force at all times. Once paid, the parking permit is to be clearly displayed in the inside of the windscreen or a side window, in such a way that the whole of the front of the permit can be read from outside the vehicle.

Parking in the town centre is limited by a parking disc. Time of arrival (starting from the next hour or half hour) in your parking disc shows when parking began. The parking disc should be placed in a clearly visible spot on the inside of the windscreen, so it can be read from outside the vehicle (and not, for instance, on the car seat).  

Parking regulation

When looking for a parking space, you should remember that parking in Naantali is strictly regulated during the summer.

Parking fines and Parking Regulation Office for the Town of Naantali