Naantali Museum

Naantali Museum

Naantalin museum in the old town of NaantaliNaantali museum rose garden

The fascinating history of Naantali

The Naantali Museum in the Old Town is a combination of two wooden house buildings, which together create an interesting look at Naantali's history. The history of Naantali's "Armonlaakso" (The Valley of Grace), which was established in 1443 in connection with the St. Bridget's convent in Naantali, is intertwined with the convent, the spa history and its location next to Turku and the archipelago.

Naantali Museum is an interesting place to visit and you should book 1 hour for the visit. The Museum Shop in Säsöng sells literature and souvenirs.

Buildings Humppi and Hiilola showcase the life in the wooden town of Naantali

The Naantali Museum's two buildings are called Humppi and Hiilola. Humppi houses the museum's ticket sales, an archaeological exhibit from the earliest times of Naantali and a miniature model of the St. Bridget's Convent. During the summer season, you can visit the changing special exhibitions that present Naantali's history from different angles. At the Humppi property you can learn about Naantali's convent past and the city's development through archaeological discoveries. 

Hiilola property takes visitors to 19th century interiors that show how the merchants of the small small town lived. In the courtyard of Hiilola there is a children's playground where the little ones of the family can enjoy themselves. Behind the sheltered and lush gardens you will find the Sau-Kallio House, which depicts the artisan living. The united museum area with its courtyards and rose gardens creates a charming environment to sense the spirit of the past. The atmosphere is peaceful and charming and in the courtyard an old oak tree guides visitors to the garden, which contains roses, herbs and the Viluluoto spring with its pavilion. 

Naantali Museum Humppi, Hiilola & Museum Shop Season opening hours

June 2 - August 30 2020 Tue-Sun 11 am - 6 pm

The Museum's Humppi (Mannerheiminkatu 21) is open all year round on Wednesdays 12-15.

During the winter season, only the Humppi is open to the public and adults can visit the museum for the price of a children's ticket (€ 3) and children free of charge.

The Säsonki Museum Shop in Humppi is open all year round and does not require a museum entrance fee.

Ticket prices (during the summer season):

  • € 5 / adult, € 3 / child (7 to 17 years)
  • The Naantali Museum uses also the Museum Card as a means of payment.
  • The Naantali Museum can be booked at other times by phone or e-mail, 02 435 2727 or

Naantali Museum and Museum shop Säsonki

The Old Town, Katinhäntä 1 and Mannerheiminkatu 21
tel. +358 2 4352 727 (in Finnish)