Naantali Church

Naantali Church

Naantali Church was originally built to serve the Catholic Brigettine Convent, situated on a hill. Permission to build the convent was given on the 23rd of August 1443. This is considered to be the founding date of both the convent and the town of Naantali. Bishop Konrad Bitz consecrated the convent buildings in 1462.

Nowadays the Naantali Church is the only building that remains of the convent. The most recent renovation of the church took place in 2011- 2012, led by architect Virpi Tervonen. The lighting, interior windows, altar and some of the church textiles were repaired. The walls and vaults were cleaned, the vaults were whitewashed and old items were preserved.

Naantali Church is open as a Road Church during the summer.

Opening hours 2020:

1 Jan-15 May Wednesdays 12noon-2pm and Sundays 9am-12am.
14 May-30 Aug Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm, Mondays and Midsummer Eve June closed.
1 Sep-31 Dec Wednesdays 12noon-2pm and ​Sundays 9am-12am.

Please note that during Naantali Music Festival 2-15 June it is not possible to visit church. Services are held at 10am on Sundays all year round.
Also guided tours for groups can be arranged via Visit Naantali.

More information:
Naantali Congregation
tel. +358 40 130 8300, +358 40 130 8301

Guided tours for groups all year round:
Visit Naantali
tel. +358 2 435 9800