Louhisaari Manor

Louhisaari Manor

A 17th century Baroque manor and the childhood home of C. G. E. Mannerheim. The festive floor and the service floor are in 17th century style and furnished to match. The middle floor, where the actual living quarters were, was modernised during the 18th and 19th centuries, and the rooms in this part of the castle reflect the interior-decoration styles of that time.

We wish you a warm welcome to the unique Louhisaari Manor. In Louhisaari, you can imagine what life was like for the owners of the manor, the Flemings and the Mannerheims. Make sure you take a walk in the charming English-style garden. To Louhisaari Manor there is 25 minutes drive from Naantali.

The dark side of Louhisaari

The manor house is a spectacular place in daylight but, as with all historical buildings, it has its dark side. Louhisaari was built by the Fleming family, which is intertwined in various ways with the history of Sweden-Finland. And not only in positive terms. The last of the Louhisaari Flemings was Herman, a hot-tempered and jealous man, who locked his wife in a closet when he was away. Her only contact with the outside world was a small hatch through which the fearful servants passed food into the closet. As the story goes, one day Herman left on his travels and failed to mention to the servants that his wife was locked in the closet, where she had withered away.

This story is legend, but it is easy to believe when you wander through the manor late at night. Creaking steps, banging doors and disembodied sighs are heard. A group that studies supernatural phenomenon found changing energies in the manor and managed to record speech and sounds. But the guest who was slapped in the rear in an empty room had to endure even more tangible evidence of supernatural elements. There is also a room called the Devil's Chamber in Louhisaari. And what’s more, it is said that there is a tunnel from the manor to the nearby Askainen Church.

Come and see for yourself, if you dare.

Louhisaari Manor

Open 15 May–31 Aug 2019 Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm.

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