Ryhmäretki Louhisaaren kartanolle

Louhisaari Manor

Louhisaari Manor

Louhisaari Manor is one of the most beautiful manors in FinlandLouhisaari Manor interiorLouhisaari Manor Ghost Tour

A beautiful mansion in Askainen - only 30 minutes drive from Naantali

Louhisaari Manor is an impressive place to visit in Askainen countryside, just a half an hour drive from Naantali. The white mansion is a fine example rare palace architecture in Finland, is a startling sight in its solitude.

During the summer season, guided tours are organized at Louhisaari Manor from Tuesday to Sunday. The tour takes you to the top two floors of the manor to discover unique artefacts, works of art and historically decorated rooms.

Louhisaari Manor opening hours

  • 16.6.-31.8. Tue-Sun 11 am-5pm. The last tour will start at 16.00 (possible changes on 2020, check out current information on www.kansallismuseo.fi)
  • The tour takes approximately 40 minutes.
  • Closed on Midsummer Eve.
  • By arrangement for groups 30.9. until.
  • The museum is accessible only by the guide.

Ticket prices and exceptions during opening hours are available on the Louhisaari Manor website.

The ghost tours of Louhisaari showcase the dark side of Louhisaari

The popular ghost tours of Louhisaari are held between October and November after dusk. Semi-fictional and dramatized tours trace the tragic fate of past residents of the manor and illuminate the darker history of Louhisaari. The tour tells stories that are not told in the normal tours. Louhisaari's Ghost Tour is written by Niina Repo and directed by Teija Söderholm. The tour is available only in Finnish.

Louhisaari manor has been the home of the Fleming and Mannerheim families

The magnificent baroque manor has been inhabited since the 15th century and its most famous great families are the Fleming and the Mannerheim families. The Louhisaari Manor is known as the birthplace of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. Check out the history of the manor on the Louhisaari website.

Louhisaari Manor is located two kilometers from Askainen Church. Next to the road leading to the Manor is the Askainen Knight Park, a tribute to the Knights of Mannerheim Cross.

Louhisaari Manor is surrounded by an English-style garden and two courtyards outside the courtyard. In addition to the manor itself, it is also worth a visit to Louhisaari's Kalmian utility garden, which is home to ancient crop plants in the summer season.

Louhisaari Manor with its surroundings is a popular group excursion destination

Louhisaari is a unique manor house in Finland and attracts many visitors every year. Louhisaari Manor is a favorite destination for many groups, and it is possible to book a guided tour for the group in May-September. Private guided tour to Louhisaari Manor can be conveniently booked via Visit Naantal.

Combine your group excursion with a visit to the Kultaranta Garden or the Old Town of Naantali, and a delicious lunch in either the countryside or the idyllic guest harbor of Naantali. Visit Naantali customize tour programs according to the wishes of the group.

Group guided tours at Louhisaari Manor

Groups can make guidereservations via Visit Naantali,

tel. +358 2 435 9800 or info@visitnaantali.com

Louhisaari Manor contact information

Louhisaarentie 244, Askainen (Masku)
tel. +358 295 33 6971