Kultarannan puutarhan suihkulähteet ovat Naantalilainen nähtävyys

Kultaranta Garden 4 June - 1 Sep 2019

Kultaranta Garden dazzles in the president's summer residence

Kultaranta Manor House was built one year before Finland declared independence in 1916. It was a summer villa for Merchant Alfred Kordelin and Lars Sonck was the architect. Today, this impressive granite manor house, located by Naantalinlahti Bay, is undoubtedly Finland’s best known summer residence.

Kultaranta has been the summer residence of Finnish presidents since 1922; thus, Naantali is referred to as the summer capital of Finland. Visitors to Kultaranta have the opportunity to admire the beautiful garden.

Kultarannan puutarha on Naantalin päänähtävyysKultarannan puutarhan keltatarhan kukkaloistoa

The 16-hectare formal garden has thousands of roses, with several different varieties such as Tellervo, Astrid Lindgren, President Kekkonen and Tarja Halonen. The formal garden is also adorned by the red garden, blue garden, pergola, gazebos, fountains and the diplomat passages lined by spruce hedges.

Guided walks in the Kultaranta Garden

During the summer time, guided walks for individual visitors are held in the Kultaranta Garden. The garden is closed on 7-10 and 13 - 18 June and on Mondays during June-August.

4-20 June and 13 Aug - 1 Sep 2019 Tue–Sun

  • 2pm tour in Finnish (summary in Swedish and English)

The tour starts at the Kultaranta ticket sales. Prices: adults €13, children 4-14 yrs €5.

21-23 June - 11 August 2019 Tue–Sun

  • 2pm tour in Finnish (summary in Swedish)
  • 2.15pm tour in Finnish (summary in English)
  • 3pm (tour in Finnish)

The walks start at the Kultaranta ticket sales.
Prices: adults €13, children 4-14 yrs €5.

The walking tours start at the Kultaranta ticket sales. Prices: adults €13, children 4-14 yrs €5.

Ryhmät viihtyvät Kultarannan puutarhassa opastetuilla kierroksillaLapsiperheet ovat tervetulleita tutustumaan valtakunnan ykköspuutarhaan

Statues and Pavilions in Kultaranta Garden on Thursdays 27 June-15 August 2019 at 1pm

On the guided Statues and Pavilions in Kultaranta Garden tour, visitors can learn more about the gardens art exhibition organised by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation together with the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.
The guided tour is in Finnish. Price: adults €13, children (aged 4-14) €5.

The Finnish Presidents' Summers in Naantali on Wednesdays 26 June-14 August 2019 at 1pm

We welcome you for a new guided tour of Kultaranta. In addition to the floral splendour of the garden, the tour also offers a different kind of perspective on 100 years of Finland’s cultural history and introduces the 12 Finnish presidential terms. Over the century, Kultaranta’s summers have been filled with a great variety of events and it has been the summer residence of twelve very different presidents who have all made their mark on the lives of Finnish people. Departure at Kultaranta ticket sales. Finnish only. Price: adults €13, children (aged 4-14) €5.

Mamsell Kupiainen and the Presidents' Kultaranta on Fridays 28 June - 16 August 2019 at 1pm

Gun shots at Kultaranta? Native Americans in the garden? Take part in the new themed guided tour, which is a mixture of fact and fiction, and find out what the presidents of Finland have got up to at Kultaranta and what has happened behind the scenes. The guide for the tour is the very likeable Mamsell Kupiainen who has worked for many Finnish presidents and may slip out a secret or two. The tour starts at Kultaranta ticket sales. The guided tour (in Finnish) takes 45 minutes. Price: adults €13, children (aged 4-14) €5.

Guided tours of Kultaranta Garden for groups

Group visits to the gardens of Kultaranta (the President’s Summer Residence) can be booked almost all year round from Naantali Tourist Information. Enquiries and reservations: Visit Naantali, tel. +358 2 435 9800, info@visitnaantali.com.