Island Hopping in Åland & Finnish Archipelago

Island Hopping in Åland & Finnish Archipelago

Kastelholm castle in Åland islan FinlandIsland hoppinb by bicycle in Finnish Åland islandsIsland hopping in Finnish Archipelago

Island Hopping in Åland islands & Finnish Archipelago by bike

Come and experience the Archipelago nature as its best. Island hopping by bike gives you the best views to the many islands in the Finnish Archipelago and Åland islands. All together there are tens of thousands of islands to explore. You can easily find an island corner where no one else has visited.

The self-drive biking route begins from Naantali (or Turku), what best fits for you. Then going towards Kustavi where you take a ferry to Brändö for overnight stay. Next day taking another ferry to mainland Åland and ending up to Kvärnbo. Next three days cycling around the Åland island with beautiful views and local hospitality at different overnight stays. After Åland you take a ferry to Kökar and finally to Korpo and Nagu. From Nagu you can bike to Turku or Naantali, or take a ferry dircetly to Turku. All the accommodation places are different and give you the opportunity to experience local way of living with hospitality, food and traditions.

By bike you can easily go off the beaten track and find those dream beaches and amazing photo spots with no other people making noises. Calm yourself and enjoy this world unique paradise!

Places of overnight stays:

1st night in Hotel Palo Naantali
2nd night in Hotel Gullvivan Brändö
3rd night in Kvärnbo Bed & Breakfast Åland
4th night in Havsvidden Åland
5th night in Hotel Pommern Åland
6th night in Hotel Brudhall Kökar
7th night in Hotel Hyppeis Houtskär
8th night in B&B Grännäs Nagu

Kilometres done by bike on this route are around 350km,
the whole route with ferries is about 525km.


Program Details

Duration: 9 days
Location: Naantali, Kustavi, Brändö, Kumlinge, Åland island, Kökar, Korpo, Nagu
Group size: 2 (min)
Availability: 1 June - 31 August 2020
Price from: 840,00 € / person in twin room (min 2 persons), 1050,00 € / person, with electric bikes (min. 2 persons)
What´s Included: 8 nights’ accommodation in twin or double room, 8 x breakfasts, 24-hybrid speed bike with side bag/back bag, maps, directions, what to experience
Supplements: Car rental, bike rental, Guided town tours, visiting attractions, Fishing trips and other activities, Additional nights, lunch, dinner

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