Hanna the Cupper - traditional treatments

Hanna the Cupper - traditional treatments in Naantali

Kuppari-Hannan parantola LivonsaaressaPerinnehoitoja Naantalissa Kuppari-Hannalla

Natural healing house on Livonsaari in Naantali

Hanna the Cupper provides Finnish folk healing treatments: wet-cupping, bone-setting, massages, acupuncture and relaxation treatments for 1-5 people. Treatments can be combined with an organic snack and a gentle steam in the wood-heated sauna. 

Kuppari-Hanna's healing house is a place where modern times and folk-healing traditions meet in perfect harmony. Cupping hygiene is at its peak and folk healer upholds ethical principles in meeting people.

Folklore traditions in the peace of the archipelago

The healing house is a place where one can experience the healing powers of traditional wet-cupping, massage, bone-setting and Finnish acupuncture. If necessary, Hanna will help you to choose the right treatment for you. The treatments provide support to maintain your health or to aid coping with your illness.

In 2016, Finpro Visit Finland awarded Hanna's Parantola as one of FinRelax's star products, to represent the Finnish culture of healing and to promote a profound cultural experience for travelers. The journey towards sauna culture and traditional treatments continues still in Naantali.

Take a deep dive into wellness, nature and traditional medicine. Inside the hand-cut log walls, it is easy to experience the timeless atmosphere and the fascinating world of Finnish Folk Healing culture. 

Hanna-the-Cupper is a member of Finnish Folk Medicine Society.


Pohjanpääntie 90B, 21180 Livonsaari
tel. +358 40 590 5379/Hanna Aro-Heinilä