Guided tour in Kultaranta Garden

Guided tour in Kultaranta Garden

The majestic granite manor house on the shore of Naantalinlahti is mostly likely the most recognised summer residence in Finland. Since it is where our president spends the summer, Naantali is considered to be Finland's holiday capital.  Tourists can visit the Kultaranta garden, designed by Lars Sonck for merchant Alfred Kordelin. The garden was completed in 1916 and surrounds the granite manor.

Magnificent French garden in Kultaranta  Guided tour in Kultaranta Garden  Guided tour in Kultaranta Garden

During a guided tour, we explore the magnificent French garden in Kultaranta, the summer residence of Finland's President. There is one guide per group of 30 people. If your group is bigger, we'll reserve more guides. The walk lasts an hour and is available from April to October, depending on the weather. You can book a guide from Naantali Tourist Information.

Price 2021:

Guiding €107/group on weekdays and €176/group on Sundays and holidays. Our service fee is €15.

Visiting hours in Kultaranta Gardens for groups: Tue-Sun 9am-11.30am and 12.30pm-4pm. Please note that during the summer season, the gardens of Kultaranta are closed on Mondays.

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