Café Tour in Naantali 2020

Café Tour in Naantali 2020

Buy Café Tour vouchers from Visit Naantali. The tour includes three café moments. You can enjoy the treats with a cup of coffee or tea in the participating cafés.

Price: €20/person, valid throughout the year 2020.

Participating cafés:

1. Café Amandis, Nunnakatu 6, tel. +358 2 430 8774
- Enjoy a sweet ”TASTE ME” -waffle (gluten free) and coffee/tea with the voucher. Have a piece of the world´s best waffle with jam, whipped cream and fresh berries while admiring the beautiful view over the sea in Naantali guest harbor.

2. Spa Summer Café, Nunnakatu 2, tel. +358 2 445 5100
- Enjoy a blueberry pie (lactose free) and coffee/tee in an open-air café.

3. Moominworld Extraordinary Café and Tearoom, Kaivokatu 5, tel. +358 2 511 1111
- Enjoy a Hattifattener pastry and coffee/tea with the voucher whilst admiring the café´s curiosities.

4. Grill Café Pikku-Lotta, Naantali market place, tel. +358 50 357 5444
- Come and enjoy a tasty BBQ burger at open-air café by the sunny Naantali market place. Coffee/tea and fresh, delicious homemade bun for dessert.

5. Naantalin Aurinkoinen, Tullikatu 11 or Nuhjalantie 2, tel. +358 44 724 4703
- Enjoy a delicious savory focaccia or other equivalent savoury filled pastry and coffee/tea with the voucher.

6. Cafe Akseli, Tullikatu 13, tel. +358 50 357 5444
- Enjoy a delicious piece of cheese cake or carrot cake and cappuccino with the voucher.

7. Naantali Spa's Cafe Roma, Matkailijantie 2, tel. +358 2 445 5100
- Take a bite of a mango-melon cake (lactose and gluten free) or equivalent sweet pastry and coffee/tea while enjoying the atmosphere of the street-side-like café.

8. Tammiston tila, Tammistontilankatu 3, tel. +358 44 510 4293
- Have a cupcake of Tammisto (gluten and lactose free) and a French press with the voucher. Check the café´s opening times at

9. Louhisaari Manor Cafe, Louhisaarentie 229, Askainen, tel. +358 44 281 4252
- Cut a piece of the delicious Louhisaari Manor cake and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea by the magnificent manor house in Askainen countryside.

10. New in Archipelago: Café Laituri, Voiponlahdentie 37, Velkua, +358 44 337 9913
- Choose coffee or tea and homemade pastry while enjoying the most beautiful view in the heart of archipelago.

Check the opening times of cafés outside summer season.

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