Canoeing and hiking in the pure nature of Naantali archipelago


Canoeing and hiking in the pure nature of Naantali archipelago

Historical and picturesque Naantali town is situated in the middle of the beautiful archipelago district of South-West Finland. If you are a nature lover and want to make most out of your adventure in Naantali, the best way is to participate in some organized activities.

Naantali summer exhibits a variety of fun activities such as canoeing and guided nature walks in the tranquil archipelago nature.

Guided canoeing trips are organized to marvel the pretty seaside of Naantali town every Friday. The guide will instruct you how to handle your canoe and take you to a memorable trip to admire the pretty seaside of Naantali. The town of Naantali is 575 years old making it one of the oldest towns in Finland. The magnificent church tower, the colourful old town, president’s summer residence and Moomin island, Kailo, are the characteristics that define Naantali silhouette.

Archipelago nature is very special even for Finnish standards. The ice age and the heavy ice masses used to press the ground down and even though the ice retreated over 10 000 years ago, there are still marks of that time in the nature. Finnish nature is known for its pureness and studies have been made that already 15 minutes in the forest will work as a powerful stress relief.

A great way to experience the healing and exhilarating feeling of Finnish archipelago nature is to take a hike with an experienced guide. Visit Naantali arranges a variety of guided walks in the nature. Make your choice among guided Blueberry safari, energizing morning walk or experience the Finnish white night - something that is very special for Finland. And nothing tastes better than delicious, juicy wild blueberries picked at the forest!

Nature is soothing, it heals and it listens to you. Finland is about nature, so do not miss your chance of exploring the unique arctic archipelago while your visit to South-West Finland!

More information about the activities in Naantali can be checked out on Visit Naantali weekly program.