Travel tips to Naantali


Canoeing and hiking in the pure nature of Naantali archipelago

Historical and picturesque Naantali town is situated in the middle of the beautiful archipelago district of South-West Finland. If you are a nature lover and want to make most out of your adventure in Naantali, the best way is to participate in some organized activities.

Naantali summer exhibits a variety of fun activities such as canoeing and guided nature walks in the tranquil archipelago nature.

Guided canoeing trips are organized to marvel the pretty seaside of Naantali town every Friday. The guide will instruct you how to handle your canoe and take you to a memorable trip to admire the pretty seaside of Naantali. The town of Naantali is 575 years old making it one of the oldest towns in Finland. The magnificent church tower, the colourful old town, president’s summer residence and Moomin island, Kailo, are the characteristics that define Naantali silhouette.

Archipelago nature is very special even for Finnish standards. The ice age and the heavy ice masses used to press the ground down and even though the ice retreated over 10 000 years ago, there are still marks of that time in the nature. Finnish nature is known for its pureness and studies have been made that already 15 minutes in the forest will work as a powerful stress relief.

A great way to experience the healing and exhilarating feeling of Finnish archipelago nature is to take a hike with an experienced guide. Visit Naantali arranges a variety of guided walks in the nature. Make your choice among guided Blueberry safari, energizing morning walk or experience the Finnish white night - something that is very special for Finland. And nothing tastes better than delicious, juicy wild blueberries picked at the forest!

Nature is soothing, it heals and it listens to you. Finland is about nature, so do not miss your chance of exploring the unique arctic archipelago while your visit to South-West Finland!

More information about the activities in Naantali can be checked out on Visit Naantali weekly program.



Top events in Naantali summer 2018

Naantali is the beautiful and almost 575 years old queen of the summer towns in Naantali. Many come here to enjoy the special atmosphere year after year and they say that their summer is not complete if they haven’t visited Naantali at least once.

The enchanting old town of Naantali, which is cradled by the sea, is like a postcard image from Southern Europe. Even many Finns have said ”Is this place really in Finland?”

Summer in Naantali is full of top events for every taste

Naantali Music Festival started the summer in the sunshine city for 29th time on 5th – 16th June. These two-week long festivities are full of the stars of classical music and Naantali is a stage for amazing performing artists such as Camerata Ireland and Lahti Symphony Orchestra. The tickets are selling fast so now is the time to get yours! You can purchase them at Lippupiste Finland or at Visit Naantali office. 

Also the Children’s Music Festival celebrates music with the little ones in Naantali on 7th– 10th June. There are popular perfomers such as Siina and the Magic Radio, The Carnival of Animals in Africa and Närpiäiset.

The Midsummer Party in Naantali is always a special event, because here two magnificent bonfires are light to celebrate the summer (if weather allows). In front of the bank of Kultaranta garden is built a great bonfire of the president. The people of Naantali wait on the opposite side of the bay, on the rocks of Kuparivuori hill, and only after the president’s bonfire is set on fire, can the town kindle theirs. Town’s bonfire burns on top of the hill for the celebration of the Midsummer night. Music, light and the nightless night are enchanting!

You will enjoy the midsummer in Naantali the best way by staying over in one of the old town’s quaint wooden houses or the special hotels in archipelago. Go check out the selection for you dream holiday in Visit Naantali booking system.

The beautiful archipelago is everywhere around Naantali. Did you know that Naantali is a home for thousands of islands? The island life style is very special and the summer is full of traditional archipelago events. This summer you should at least check out the good old archipelago events in Merimasku (16th June), Rymättylä (21st July) and Naantali old town (4th of August).

Naantali’s own night of the arts event is called St. Bridget’s Night. This summer the special event takes place on 19th of July and it is a magical way to familiarize yourself with Naantali old town. This is the time, you see, when some of the houses in old town open their inner yards for public to be explored. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take a peek how the old courtyards of the convent town look like. One can only imagine how the life has been like during the times when pilgrims and spa guests have visited the town. During those days, the citizens of Naantali rented out their own homes and lived the summer times in small sheds back of their yards. Besides open courtyards the streets of Naantali are full of art performances and galleries during St. Bridget’s Night.

The summer of events culminates to Sleepyhead Day Festivals on 26th-27th of July. Did you know, that Naantali is the place where the official Sleepyhead of Finland is chosen every year? The great revelation ceremony takes place on the piers of the old town at 7am on 27th July. At this hour the new Sleepyhead of the year is thrown to the sea for a morning swim. The identity of the Sleepyhead is a great secret up until the moment of the revelation and the throw is witnessed by a large crown scattered around the harbor area. Who might be the new Sleepyhead of the year 2018?

The legend of Sleepyhead has its roots to the persecutions times of the Christians when a story of seven sleeping men was told. It was claimed that they slept over 200 years! The Swedish name for Sleepy head originates from this, Sjusovare or Seven sleeper / person who sleeps to seven. Back in the old times Naantali citizens remembered late-sleepers with racket and by throwing burdocks. The rituals were fierce and parties great. Nowadays being the Sleepyhead of the yeas is an honoury title, and a secret counsel decides it to be given to a person who has down good deeds for Naantali.

After the sleepyhead swim begins a day full of program around Naantali old town and the church-side park. Moomins, fashion shows, circus performances and competitions. Shopping can be done at the handicraft’s fair and the evening culminates to a free concert in the church park. This year the artists to perform at the concert are Ressu Redford and Lea Laven.

The late summer delicious event is Costa Food Festival on 17th – 19th of August. This is a party for good mood and great food. It takes you to a flavour journey to archipelago’s August time. Food in all its forms naturally plays the leading role. Thus take a bite of street food flavours, surprises of local restaurants and enjoy the fun program around Naantali old town.

Here are some of the highlights of the event summer in Naantali. Lots of more fun events and tips for you summer trip can be found at Visit Naantali webpage. Choose your favourite and take your headings towards the summer ambience of Naantali and archipelago!