Archipelago route to Kustavi on 7 and 14 July and 4 Aug 2018

Archipelago route to Kustavi - a fabulous cruise
from Naantali via Taivassalo to Kustavi on 7 July, 14 July and 4 August 2018

A fabulous crossing on board the M/S Aavatar on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The enchanting route from Naantali, via Taivassalo to Kustavi is a shortcut for cyclists and a mini cruise for others spending time in the archipelago; there is a variety of magnificent destinations along the way for day and overnight trips. You can buy beverages (fully licensed) and small snacks on board the boat. 



7 July - Event ot celebrate baltic herring in Taivassalo, M/S Aavatar continues to Kustavi as scheduled (return ticket from Naantali to Taivassalo 30 €/person)
14 July - Volter Kilpi event in Kustavi, enjoy a variety of happenings and lunch in Kustavi before return trip
4 August - Cruise to salmon market in Kustavi


  • 9.30am the Old Town, Naantali
  • 10.05am Rantamakasiini, Merimasku
  • 11.00am Teersalo, Velkua
  • 11.25am Hakkenpää, Taivassalo
  • 12.15pm Parattula, Kustavi
  • 12.45pm Kivimaa, Kustavi


  • 3.30pm Kivimaa, Kustavi
  • 4.00pm Parattula, Kustavi
  • 4.50pm Hakkenpää, Taivassalo
  • 5.15pm Teersalo, Velkua
  • 6.20pm Rantamakasiini, Merimasku
  • 6.45pm the Old Town, Naantali


45 €/person return ticket Naantali-Kustavi-Naantali.

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We wish you welcome on board!

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