Angling with local guide

Angling from the beach front in Naantali


Now you have a chance to experience angling in guidance of a professional local fisherman. Fishing takes place in a beautiful beach front area nearby Naantali Spa Hotel. Our local fisherman guides you how to get started with angling and shows different technics. At the end of angling you can keep the fishing rod if you like. It can be packed in small space. We will have angling in our weekly program once a week in July, there is 3 hours’ time when one can come and enjoy fishing.

Thursdays in July (4th to 11th), between 4pm and 7pm, during this three hours time one can choose when to come.

20 €/one fishing rod (there can be for example 2 people having one rod)

Fishing and guide’s services, fishing rod


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